The workshop, the cultural space and the boutique are accessible to people with disabilities.

In a 15th century canonical house completely renovated in 2012, the HDLD offers visitors a hundred of the creations from its creative workshop: fans, dresses and clothing accessories, jewelry and figurative artistic creations…

On four levels, the works surprise the non-specialist and specialists with their originality and modernity. The colour and contemporary use of lace amaze those who expect a know-how of the past, all in white which adorn mats, curtains or liturgical linen…

Connoisseurs will be charmed by the technical excellence of the works, the perfection of the tally, the ingenuity for the addition and removal of colors and of course by the modernity of the drawings and the invention of new stitches.

You can make some of these laces by yourself as patterns are available in store. Other patterns are unique pieces whose reproduction is prohibited.

You will see the workshop and its team, visible through a large bay window so as not to disturb their meticulous work. You can enter if you want to play with the bobbins. An initiation of about an hour is offered. You will have the opportunity to leave with your realization!

On the top floor, you can discover the historical aspect of lace in Haute-Loire, with the material and works of the past. An overview of the Conservatoire’s magnificent collection is displayed. The Conservatoire houses, preserves and studies 30,000 pieces from all the textile arts and the tools used to create them.