The Conservatory of Textile Arts of the Hautes Limagnes d'Auvergne and its surroundings

Originally an integral part of the Hôtel de la Dentelle, the Conservatoire was separated in 2004 to distinguish the contemporary creation component from the heritage component. It is hosted by the HDLD and the two teams work together on many projects. 

The CATHLAV collection includes more than 30,000 pieces: realizations such as lace or embroidery, as well as materials used to make them and documents relating to their commercialization (sales catalogues, receipts, lacemaker drawings…) that make it possible to write this little-known history of thread arts.

A didactic showcase placed on the top floor of the HDLD makes it possible to grasp the importance of this conservatory by highlighting the fundamental lacemaking part in the history of the Haute-Loire. Visitors can see the oldest lace folder listed in France, dating from 1669.

The Conservatory receives donations and legacies from people who wish to protect this ancient know-how. 

It is open to specialists and historians by appointment.